Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cami & Poppa Visit

Poppa & Cami Visit: Aug 09

Two weeks ago, or so - we had visitors- mostly to help with all the unpacking. We didn't get much done, and it took approximately 6 hours to put up one curtain rod (not kidding). Why?

  1. my luck.
  2. Ikea doesn't give screws to their curtain rod
  3. Apparently there are screws that are sold that isn't Philips or the other regular screw. Box screws exist
  4. Said screws take an act of god and a different drill bit to install
  5. my walls are made of 1/2 concrete 1/2 dust
  6. dinner break
  7. measure the rod before hanging on wall - turns out the largest curtain rod doesn't mean it will fit your window
  8. my luck

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