Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the Twit?

Mother chucker. Just when I thought I had caught up with everything there is more to catch up with. Twitter is the new facebook, which was the new myspace which is the new Friendster - which is the new Reunion, which is the new....

I don't know. I'm probably missing a mode here or there. Either way - twitter is it. And I've actually been "on" for awhile - before Ashton was doing it on Regis or Obama announcing his Vice President candidate. Before all that there was I was - and there I am.

Here's my issue, while I consider myself a pretty cool cat, I mean I'm nice? People like me (mostly)- sometimes I can be pretty funny? You'd think I'm spouting el diablos rhetoric - I can't get someone to follow me if I paid them. Well that's not true - I can get a whole host of weirdos to follow me/most of which have topless avitars. What the F. If I didn't have a full time job, I'd make it my full time job to get more dang (clothed) followers.

I guess I need to be more into it - but I try. Really I do. I participate! I tweet and twit - RT and reply but nadda nothing. I'll try harder, I guess - right now I'm feeling like the kid that gets picked last in kickball.


  1. I think at some point all of these handy ways of communicating: texting, email, skype, tweeting are going to make reg forms of connecting extinct. know....talking!

  2. What if we go so far ahead we resort to ways of yore? Like the next thing you know we are going to be using Morse code again - great just another thing to learn!!! Remember telephones with CORDS? Jeez.


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