Friday, August 27, 2010

The Love of a Parent (or Close)

I was resent an email that I wrote almost two years ago by a coworker.  She kept the email in her 'warm and fuzzy' folder.  This is a folder that lots of us have, where we keep feel good emails that make us laugh or well simply put, give the warm and fuzzy feeling. In reading it, I realized how much I miss this kind of interaction and childcare.  Especially coming off of a week where L's daycare has been closed and we've had to juggle childcare.  By in large, C was able to take off a few days but there was a day or two that we absolutely used the TV to occupy the kid.  I suspect this will hold up the delivery of my "Super Mom" cape, however sometimes most times I need to go with the motto, "whatever it takes." It is what it is. The following is the full email sent, though some of the names have been altered to protect the innocent.


Hi All!

This morning as the Kat (my au pair) and I were chatting about the day, her class from last night and the plan for the day when she asked me with GREAT excitement, “So… how was last night?!?!?!”

I looked at her puzzled because last night was okay but not much to get excited about- I mean I knew she had her big presentation for class but in terms of us- we just watched some TV and ate dinner but what else was I missing???

I said we had a good night, we relaxed, ate dinner- OOH right! L had her first meal of solids- we were testing out how that yummy rice in a box was going to be! I told her how it went, that while I think we got more ON her than we did IN her, she seemed to enjoy it all.

This is when I thought of you, because it was at that moment I realized how much I appreciate the Cat and how right the program is for my family.  She was so excited for L's first ‘meal’ and was so excited to see the pictures that I took! She said how last night she was thinking she was missing L's first real food and forgot to ask that I take pictures- she was so glad that I did. (Meanwhile I thought, of course I took pictures- she’s only 5 months old and I think I have over 1,000 pictures of her!!! I’m kind of obsessed with taking them!) Anyway, I wanted to share because it was just yesterday we were talking about being a host mom and what it’s like. Even with balancing act of  sharing your home with someone and all of that- comes with it moments like this you realize that someone loves your baby almost as much as you do!!

That’s the scoop- and that’s why I thought of you this morning!

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