Monday, August 9, 2010

Tutus For Tanner : Rock Out With Your Tutu Out!

As I start to recap on my adventures in NYC, the portion I talk about finding faith in humanity I find I need more. I can't just talk about how I found my lost camera oh and then there is that thing where people raised over $29,000 to keep a family together and made sure in the process of stupidity a little boy didn't have to stay stranded and was able to experience an incredible adventure.  First, obviously these two things are not comparable.  Second, you might not understand what the hell I'm talking about.  Finally, I need more space to talk about why this story affects me.

For anyone not on twitter or watching CNN, or the Today Show, or perhaps reading local papers or online articles I'll give you a recap. You're welcome, Mom. A better recap is probably over at ShePosts, but I'll do what I can.

This isn't the first time I've seen a community rise together in a swell of love, support and faith that shouldn't surprise me but it does. Why does it surprise me? When L was in the hospital I wrote about how things were going and I was saved.  Friends and people I haven't had a relationship with in years came out of the wood work.  Their support, offers of help, dinner delivery or more, however from out of left field, saved me. You saved me with random emails, comments, voice mails and texts. I think I forget about that.  Why would I want to remember that for which I needed saving from? Then something happens and there is a band together that you can actually feel, even if behind a computer screen. 

Now, let's be honest my support came from people who I knew, even if from once upon a time, but how is that any different than those who come out of left field having read and followed along someone's journey?  As we write, we invite you (whoever you are) in.  There are a variety of reasons as to the whys we do - but we do. Was there a password? Not so much.

Now back to this very real and awe inspiring event.  Where last we left our tutu wearing heroes this community (once again) came together to support a ridiculously important (and unfortunately needed) cause.  First there was the ability raise money, time and commitments to help a family be a family. In it of itself I am certain everyone involved would have been (more than) just fine with, there was of course more.

Cliff notes? Truth be told, I am following via twitter & online articles, so I may or may not get some portion of this wrong and since I'm linking the hell out of this post - I'm thinking you can click out to get the official word.

A blogger in Canada, Catherine Connors, and more importantly aunt to Tanner and his mom, Catherine's sister, go to the airport ready to jump into a vehicle to caravan to NYC for a 5K in the honor of Tanner (seriously people, click on the links if you don't know the story). The vehicle, as planned, doesn't have a wheelchair accessible ramp so they end up getting on a flight to NYC. I'm pretty sure that sentence I just wrote had hours of figuring out what to do next in between it. They take Air Canada to New York and upon arrival to the airport come to find out that when the airline took Tanner's wheelchair apart in transit they broke it putting it together or maybe taking it apart the first time. A $15K personalized wheelchair, as the family heads into FREAKING NYC is dead.

Eventually and after much ridiculousness, twitter all a kerfuffle and media coverage out the wazoo, Air Canada (in my opinion, took their time) to make it right and the happy ending took place.  The wheelchair was fixed (good 'enough' for now) and the remainder of the weekend was full of memories he and his family were able to have. In addition thousands of people celebrate with him. It's the kind of love and feeling you don't think you can feel through a computer screen, but for real - I think I did and I was behind my iPhone so that's some serious loving. More than that, since I was there, I got to see Tanner out and about in NYC and dude, that kid smiles hard. And that made me smile.

Seriously ... check out #tutusfortanner or all the tutu-riffic pictures out there! Oh and no, you won't see me. I don't really run unless being chased... but I really do believe if I were ever to enter a 5K it'd be one where I get to wear a tutu. True story.

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