Friday, August 13, 2010

Vamped Up Sundays

True Blood is a ritual I care to never deviate from.  This past weekend, after a ridiculously hectic (and wonderful) weekend Mama needed to get her veg vamp on.  Each week, the story and gory True Blood surprises me, excites me, and gets me amped (or vamped) for next week. 

It's hott. 

You know what else is hott? 

Yeah I did.*

Last week it was vamp time and simultaneously a milestone happened. I jumped up as soon as I heard her cry, I'd been gone all weekend and there was no where (for the most part) I'd rather be than to console her.  I wanted to run to her, I missed her much.  L was able for the first time to verbalize that she had a nightmare and what it was about. That's huge. Sometimes she wakes up, is freaking out and can't really talk about what is wrong, what the dream was, if there was one or what happened. 

Proud Mama moment: It has been wonderful to be able to watch and listen through her development ... and listen even more because she just won't shut up.  It's remarkable.  

Embarrassed but honest Mama moment: This time, it posed as a little inconvenient. While my gut had me jump at the sound of her calling out and she was in fact and as usual adorable it wasn't the kind of timing I was looking for. My kid's nightmare and cue to console her was JUST as Eric was taking his shirt off. Thank GOD for DVR.  Priorities here. Would I have jumped up if not for DVR? Of course.**

As L was telling me about this bumblebee that was trying to get her, where it was, where it landed, where she pushed it - there was a lot to learn about said pain in the ass bumblebee - all I could say was,   "Girl, pull it together. Ok? Mama's trying to watch her stories."***

*The picture I really wanted to put up? Better. And by better I mean filthy wonderful.
**I hope. I'm sure, I mean, I'd like to hope that I'd be sure, of course. 
***Disclaimer: that is NOT what I really said... but that's what I wanted to say.  In my heart of heart it's true. Reality was, I listened to the dream sequence... while thinking of my own and gave her coping skills the next time the bee came around. Yeah. I thought my kid to fight back. What of it?


  1. Confession time: I've only seen episode 1 of this season. What is wrong with me?!

    Sunday's goal: catch up on True Blood.

  2. that last episode was extremely, hott!

  3. Misha - get on it.

    Jen, YES you do / should - but no worries there are ways around getting to watch the series, including the series / season DVDs.

    Jen - EX.TREMELE.LY. HOTT. The last episode, last night... ah it didn't get going until the last 3 minutes... which leads me to freaking out. Only 3 more episodes? What is UP with that?


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