Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going to the Motherland

If you didn't know me, you'd think I talk a lot of game about my luck or timing in my life. Timing is always an issue for me. It's not that I have overwhelming 'bad luck' - if you look at the big picture my life in general is pretty fantastic. It's more so that the damnest things seem to happen to me that you can't make up.  

Last week, on Monday the ball & chain heard about a job opportunity. Friday he had an interview. Friday he was offered the job. Friday (still the same Friday, as in same week as the Monday he heard about this job) he accepted and we began a wild adventure.  Hold on to your hats; we are moving. Again.

Disclaimer: I am aware we are blessed to be in a situation.  I am not complaining...
  • that a wonderful job opportunity is available and offered. 
  • that career advancement and success is something in our reality. 
  • we both work full time and love our jobs.

The thing is, with all that we have to be thankful & grateful for, you better believe I recognize that there are some issues with our good fortune. 

  • We are moving. 
  • Not only are we moving, but we are moving FAR. 
  • Not only are we moving far, but I don't know if you got the memo - I AM PREGNANT.

We are moving to St. Louis. Missouri. Midwest... WHAT? And soon. His job will start transitioning April 18th. Don't check your calendars- that's (LESS) than a month from now.  I KNOW NOTHING about this place.  I know it has an arch in a park.  I did a quick interent search and found they make Budweiser (horray for Bud Light)  and allegedly there is 'wine country' in Missouri - but I can't imagine that wine goes in bottles... I'm thinking boxed only.  Not knocking boxes... but I'm sorry if wine country midwest doesn't knock my flip flops off. (Side note: If anyone gets offended by this joke, keep in mind I prefer Bud Light)

I had a serious panic attack of claustrophobia realizing for the first time in 32 years I was not going to be reasonable driving distance of a beach. No ocean.  No water for as far as the eye can see that is of the sea persuasion. I'm sorry lake people, lakes don't count. Lakes are glorified puddles and monsters live in them. It's true, I don't care what wikipedia says.

Doctor? TBD. House? TBD. Childcare? TBD. Sanity? TBD.

We'll probably move May or June - it has to be by June, because I don't think I can fly after that? 
Though, maybe we'll drive.  Doesn't that sound delightful? 

This is not a drill. 

I have a friend, Shaniqua, though I am reconsidering that status. In a downward spiral of panic she pointed some more "fun" stuff to do in Missouri. For example, we can visit the Beverley Hillbillies car (in Pt. Lookout), Leila's Hair Museum (Independence, MO), Precious Moments Park (yes the statues) in Carthage, MO - oh there's more!! The list is endless:

Some come and visit, won't you?

*Please keep in mind, this is just post one, since the panics I have found some serenity. I'm also very fortunate to have a few friends & colleagues who have lived or do live in the area. This here post sums up the first few days of where our head was at. Fear not, I'm not freaking out (too badly). 


  1. You had me until you knocked the lakes. You don't know lakes until you've seen the great lakes. A lake with its own current is no puddle. And last I checked the Jersey Shore had many more monsters in the water than any lake I've seen.

    With that said, you won't be near the great lakes, so enjoy your puddles.

  2. The wine country will certainly be disappointing. Herman, MO is no Napa. You'd be better off with a box! I thought nearly every wine I tasted had a funky rotten green bean after taste. But the town is quaint and it's a good trip for a laugh.

  3. I really enjoyed this restaurant in St. Louis.

    And this was a good brunch.

    It's fun to use my MO knowledge. Finally.


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