Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy IS going to be SO surprised! (lie)

The day she put together the surprise, she couldn't wait to tell him. She knows what a surprise is, but who wouldn't want to make this guy happy?  The day she made this for her Daddy, he came home and her first question was, "Did you see your shirt?"  Why did she want to tell him about his special surprise present? Obviously, because he's the best freaking dad, ever!

This morning, she woke me up so we could wrap his presents and all she kept saying was, "Daddy IS going to be SO surprised!"  Obviously, he wasn't.  She has been covered in paint for days and she kept talking about his "surprise shirt"... but the best dads - the best freaking dads - will open the wrapping and unleash the enthusiasm.  He really is the very best. This kid and the one on the way are the luckiest freaking kids. 

When I posted this picture today a comment rang TRUE:

L looks so proud! Love it.
She is proud. She's proud to be the artist, she's proud to make this guy happy, most of all - she's proud to be the daughter of the Best. Freaking. Dad. Ever.

We all got a surprise when we were shown the process of her Father's Day surprise.  It was our au pair's idea to put the shirt together, a friend of mine helped with the wording. This morning we got a little behind the music on the shirt and a special message from one freaking awesome kid to one freaking awesome dad:

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