Monday, June 27, 2011

You know you are from the Northeast when...

you think it's a great idea to poke fun at the reality ahead.

We are boxes away from being totally unpacked. We haven't hung a picture yet, but we are (almost) box less (except for the boxes that hold pictures)...

Him, "I put all the extra boxes you wanted me to keep in the bomb shelter. Since we aren't using that area."
Me, "Well.. unless there is a tornado -and we need to escape."
Him, "Right, but I figured - if the house gets taken, at least we'll have boxes. L can build a fort to occupy herself OR we can use it as shelter."

As a Northeastern, we laugh (nervously) at the fate that is ahead; at some point the alarm is going to sound and we try to keep it light to avoid living in (constant) fear.  I can tell you a few things.

1) We don't really treat it like a joke, it's how we get through it. Read here: Don't worry family - when the alarms sound we will be on the move.
2) You have NOT heard a thunderstorm until you've heard a thunderstorm up in St. Louis. For real. The night before last a storm took over for 4 hours in the middle of the night. My husband, he will tell you, is the most affected. He may or may not stay up through out storms.  He says the dog is affected first, and I MIGHT give him that, but I'd also be comfortable saying they are tied for scardy pants.  Sure, the ball & chain isn't jumping in bathtubs like the dog is - but something tells me he wouldn't be against it. The kid is third up, understandably. Me? I sleep like a baby.  I barely sleep through the night, but give me a thunderstorm and snooze. I am out!
3) The Northeast's thunderstorms can best be described as the "mild salsa" to St. Louis' "Punch your throat out hot sauce" storms.
4) Stranger than strange? The storms are horrific, loud, and crazy - and then an hour later, possible a few - it's hotter than hell, the sun is out and the skies are blue. Toto, Abelle, we NOT in Kansas West Hartford, anymore.

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  1. You know what's another Missouri joy? Ice storms. Get excited.


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