Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not an update from the Saved

I'm just realizing I last wrote almost a month ago, about the rapture... and maybe you thought I did, in fact, end up getting sucked up and saved as a host of crazy ass things happen. Not the case. 

I'm alive & well - as is everyone living in our new diggs making the trek from the Northeast to the Midwest / South (ps... is Missouri the South OR the Midwest? Discuss & let me know what you come up with). 

Covered in boxes, with no end in sight to the unpacking process but I'm told this too shall end at some point. It's not that we need help unpacking, it's that I need to get my act together to figure out WHERE I want to put things. But oh, there were things like figuring out childcare (done), activities for the kid (done), setting up our home office so we can get back to work (done), having fun with the kid (done & in progress), and exploring our new neighborhood, city & state (in progress). We're having fun though and doing what is most important - laughing (a lot) and spending more time together than we have in what feels like forever. 

More on our journey here, our adventures now that we are here and more! Just wanted to say, thanks for sticking around (if you are) and if not - come back soon. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled mayhem reporting shortly.

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