Saturday, September 3, 2011

Funny Girl

True story: L has discovered and found a video of a baby laughing. She wasn't alone out there on the world wide web, don't worry! She found a few that she LOVED and wanted to watch them over and over again.  Something a little like this:

Fast forward, the other day,  I hear SCREAMING from the living room.
"COME QUICK it's JJ!!!!" my heart drops, I just went to the bathroom - what happened? Jesus Christ, this is what 20/20s are made of.

I come in to find L standing over her baby sister with a smile ear to ear- prouder than I've ever seen her. 

JJ was laughing (or so L thinks - she's too young I think) but she was kinda squealing like a little laugh? 

L, "Mama, look at JJ - look what I made her do!"

Oh how I love their love with a side of please let this last forever. 

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