Monday, June 4, 2007

Better In Than Out

Lately, every time we make a trip to NY I learn something new. Sometimes it's wildly inappropriate, sometimes it's unexpected, sometimes it's just plain unbelievable. Like this weekend's advice from a stranger.

I digress.

This weekend once again, we learned a lot. We drove to NY, again, for different reasons. We had a wedding- that was the main purpose. While we were there we did baby shower research, family time, and a graduation party.

1. I learned that weddings are not as much fun sober.

I have more fun at events with a beer in my hand. Maybe I have a problem, say what you will- but I stand by this.

2. I learned that people should watch what they say.

SO we have no idea what the baby is- although word on the street is that it is a "she." This weekend there was a resounding "it's a girl" vibe from all those that I met- mostly the older crew with their old wives tales.

Basically- a girl takes away the beauty of the mom... so EITHER it's a girl OR I'm just plain ugly knocked up. Also, I'm carrying "everywhere" which just means I'm fat as hell.

It'll be a kick to the ego when a boy pops out.

Obviously either way a healthy babe is really all I'm hoping for. Scratch that- what I am REALLY hoping for is there is more than one in here- so that I can cut down on the number of times I am going to do this. I'm hoping someone is hiding behind someone else in there.

3. I learned that it is possible to fall in love with inanimate objects.

We went to "Buy Buy Baby" which is the baby supply mecca - and if I do say so myself Babies R us better watch out. The choices were endless. Anyway, it's there I fell in love. I've been fighting this love for weeks now- but I can't deny it anymore.

The bugaboo, in my opinion, is the Ferrari of strollers. It transforms into so many things, it practically transforms into the baby's first bicycle. It is expensive enough - it should drive itself. But it's the most beautiful thing I've seen on 4 wheels. The options are endless. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The "good" news is that I think the woman at the store convinced me it is worth the cost based on how many extras you have to buy with other strollers. The bad news is, it is still ridiculous in cost.

4. I learned that mom's are convinced it's better in than out, I maintain that I am convinced otherwise.

Yesterday we were at my cousin's high school graduation party and there was this woman running around after a 2 year old as she heard me with my count down. In my opinion, it's celebration time. I am nearing the under 100 days left mark, I'm almost at 6 months- it's go time people. It's going to be a LONG HOTT summer, but when someone asks how I'm doing, I'm going to be honest. I'm swollen, but there are X amount of days left. That's what's on my mind- my thought is if you don't want to know "how I am" and in return hear the countdown, because that frankly gages how I am- don't ask. Anyway- yesterday we were 15 more weeks away OR 103 more days OR 3 months and 11 days.

As I'm running down the stats she runs by informing me me "it's better in than out."

I find that hard to believe. Honestly I am sure that it is going to be crazy, and MAYBE there will be moments that I want to take this back- but I feel like having someone to see and spend time with and get to know has to be better than the incubation period. The back aches, the sober days and nights, the swelling, the growing rotund arse, the inability to move, the list goes on.

Thanks anyway.

I'll take the crying and screaming kid with the dirty diapers and temper tantrums. Because at some point, it's gotta settle down. A walk will be had (hopefully with my phat new ride of a stroller) and I will have my ankles back again. I will be able to move with out looking and feeling like a weeble wobble. Maybe even bend over to pick something up that I dropped with out a grown. And I'm told pretty soon I won't even be able to do that. At night I can have a cold freaking beer on my porch rather than my seltzer with lime. Ah the possibilities are endless.
-j Gu

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