Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My First

Does fruit flavored ice cream really count? Well sad but true I have downed my first pint of ice cream. Ah "Banana Split" how you make me happy. "Jummy jummy!" as our new au pair, El Gato would say. More on that at a later date. After yet another fun, fab and sober night out I tested a new flavor.

My favorite part of the night was when drunk girl wouldn't let me go into the bathroom- she just kept slurring "There's a boy in there, there's a boy in there." (read everything that drunk girl says with a valley accent, super duper happy AND slurring. Basically the most aggravating thing possible to hear) I double and triple checked- the sign said W so I was not running into the wrong bathroom- which of course I have done. After several slurs and a SLIGHT nudge by me to get her out of the way- I go in and someone is cleaning the bathroom- the "boy" she spoke of. Had she just explained a little better I might not have been so aggravated- but it could have been anything in there. The last work party I went to there were girls, draws down passed out in the men’s bathroom. Stranger things have happened then a 'boy in the bathroom.' Anyway, as I push past her- get the okay from the 'boy in the bathroom' to proceed to the stall- I hear behind me from drunk girl "Oh wow, she is brave." And then I hear someone who I work with say, "No, she's pregnant." And drunk girl responds with a "Oh wow, good for her! She is sooo brave."

What does that even mean?

In other news, C has been away- he'll be back tomorrow night. I can't wait to tell him I've decided on names for the baby. Boy or girl, the choices are down to two. Ben or Jerry. I'm in love.

-Biggest Budda Belly.

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  1. Yo, get on it with the ice cream! Did you get my email re: i'm down here and want to see how 'ugly and cankly' you've actually become? I'm here for the next two weeks, except for the weekends. Call me!


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