Monday, June 11, 2007


We made a trip to Connecticut to visit with the MOST amazing little boy I've ever seen up close! ColeBG was born Friday with a FULL head of black hair. He is 7lb. 15 oz. & of course beautiful! The story of his arrival had me crying and holding back vomit all at the same time. (thanks for the honest truth... although sometimes lying isn't that bad of a habit to have.)

Back to the happy place ...

Liza & BoBo are doing great! They are naturals. Not only do they have a beautiful baby, but of course they are a gorgeous family. It was crazy to be sitting there- holding ColeBG, while my own baby kicks talking to Liza about how some people can get scary with the breastfeed or not to breastfeed debate. Forget the way, politics, the subject of same sex marriage or even Donald vs. Rosie... don't cross a women who will die on the hill fighting for the breastfed babies all around the world. Mention formula, and you might as well have spit in her face. I'm surprised there isn't more attention paid to the Enthusiasts out there that push the boob harder than the crack heads on my block push the white horse to the school kids. Anyway- back to the picture... there I am talking about it to Liza holding ColeBG as our own baby kicks- talking about subjects that have to do with our CHILDREN... this is a far far cry from our 3101 days.

Ah back in the day, as we would sit on the hand me down couch that just a few weeks or months previously had been stuffed with dead fish heads as a retaliation of a frat/sorority prank. Our wall decor included poster board we used behind some spray painted project and we hid a cat in the closet so our RA wouldn't find him. We broke in through the window on the daily- sometimes we had to and sometimes just on habit. It wouldn't be weird to see someone painted orange run by or have a boyfriend come to the door with a bloody nose and Public Safety right behind him. Ah Public Safety- with Officer Lovely - a personal favorite of mine. Mac and cheese heating up in the kitchen or the PB&J sandwiches being cut- we'd talk about anything but diaper changes. We'd hatch plans to purchase vans that we'd see in someone's yard, "You know what happens when 3 people hang out!" (... more subjects to come. Due to swiss cheese preggers brain, I had to email Shaniqua & Leona for some more topics...)

And so I digress... C practiced a bit.... what was probably not reassuring for the new parents was to hear C announcing that he was afraid he was going to break ColeBG's neck. That would explain the shell-shocked look he has in the picture below. We both fell in love though- and even though we heard the delivery story on repeat in horrific detail too many times to recall and too many to block out, we were also told repeatedly that it was all worth it.

I'll believe it when I see it for myself, however for now I will be happy to get my 'fixes' as often as I can this summer. I'll be a fixture in the Geer household, because that little boy totally made the backaches, fat feet, growing arse seem to disappear.
- Ant Coleman

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