Monday, August 13, 2007

Fat Girl... With a Little Coat! (No More)

So the sweater that I began wearing at the start of this journey is one of my favs. In the interest of keeping it, I didn't put it on. First, it's too depressing,and all I can think of seriously is Chris Farley- my apologies if you have no clue what my coat comment makes reference too. Second I'd like it to keep some kind of shape.

The outfit is changing a bit, but I tried to keep the colors. Updated bump watch below- enjoy!

Update in terms of how it is going... I'm starting weekly visits with the doctore. And the "innards" visits start this week- which means that they'll start figuring out how things are going... and which also means my happy visits to the doctor are now going to become weekly dreaded girl doctor visits. And the fun just keeps on hitting. (sorry- may be too much info- but you want the truth- you come here).

I've been getting some crazy cramping, which I have just been informed is false labor pains which is just preparing me- oh how mother nature loves to f with us. At one point they were a bit painful this weekend I stopped walking, grabbed my stomach and closed my eyes. When I opened them, C looked like he might have had an adult accident and some other people were looking from afar zoned in me as if I was a local circus act about to burst. Awesome. Being gawked is super fun... the fun just keeps on hitting.

According to the last appointment (Thursday) the baby is head down, however according to the Debbie Downer RN we have "there is still time for the baby to move" so basically baby G is getting ready ... but the sh% can hit the fan and go array too at any minute. And the fun just keeps on hitting.

This weekend I worked 7 am - 4 pm each day and then hit the malls like a good MA shopper. That and I am going to keep busy until the dang day is here- even if my legs (tree trunks) go numb in the process. "Tax free" weekend is just a small savings, but pile that on with coupons and gift cards galore- it feels like a shopping spree! We finished up any and all home goods ever needed (or not needed but impulse grabbed) and we are now officially done with our wedding registry for the most part. The people at the sales counters can get super awkward when they don't know your wedding date and you look like you are about to bust- and you are buying off your own registry. Wedding Tip: register where they give you a % off of completing your registry- and complete your registry 8 months preggers. Super fun! I also bought some more books, since my collection of pregnancy books are officially read and memorized. Of the books purchased- "Modern Mom Survival Guide" and "The Everything Breast Feeding Book" of course if they had the Dummies version (which they make) I would have gotten that. Wow- let me tell you, with all those people pushing the boob like the new meth habit to have, you'd think there would be someone other than books to give you the horror stories. Oh wait they do, and they sell them under the guise that they are 'helpful books.' Gawd damn- it sounds awful. Don't worry (mom) I'm still going to subscribe to the cult, but I am looking forward to it even less. I basically read up all night on how horrible life is going to be working as a milk machine. Jesus.

Finally, I leave you with this... well this AND the bump watch.

This week C is on the road- working from the NJ office. Of course it would only be too perfect if the time comes and he is in Dirty Jerz... it won't but oh how fun if that is how the story goes down! Stay tuned.

t minus 32 days, officially. (could happen in 5!)
-j to the G

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