Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oscar Worthy

Friday we had a plan to take off from work- run some errands and just hang out. And see Superbad. We've been looking forward to the movie for awhile- not going to lie.

The movie itself, it wasn't that bad- honestly. But it wasn't that good either. As we walk out of the theatre we are pounced on by the paparazzi- now I know why Brit has gone kookoo- they are hounds. And they wanted to know our thoughts on the movie. C ran, he wanted no part of it- I couldn't stop laughing. They asked me questions like "Was it Superbad or SUPER good??" "Would you go again- recommend it to a friend?" Etc.

My thoughts truly, I couldn't have said on TV- like for example, "I wasn't nearly high enough to enjoy the comedy- as the majority of the theatre was." I didn't want to say that, next thing you would know DSS would have been pounding at my door.

Or maybe- “I was totally taken back by the cursing – who many times can one hear the word c*ck? I mean between the language and the drawings- I’m all c*cked out.” That wouldn’t have made it to primetime.

I kept it real, as I laughed at C behind the camera making fun...

Where’s My Movie? – Video Coverage
Reel Reviews (08/17/2007)


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