Friday, August 3, 2007


Ah my D.O.C. it used to be bud light, but drink no more. Now I've moved onto the hard stuff, and what once stood for drink of choice now means much much more.

drug of choice

While my beloved bud light is forbidden, apparently what is allowed is a bennie. Oh how I love benadryl. I'm a new woman this fine morning, and it's all due to the bennie. And oh how I thought it was for allergies- but clearly it is so much more.

Maybe it's this substance free since February thing that has me so easily affected by a tiny little pink tablet, but I popped a bennie last night and have woke up changed.

I'm going to be careful, don't you worry- I can feel the concern already.

"What is she doing? Like young Hollywood we will see her spiral down a slippery slope of antihistamines, next stop antacids and poppin' Tylenol like it's going out of style. She'll be photographed with no shoes on, a shaved head and getting into fights on the street."

But the bennies were prescribed, just following doctor's orders. We had an appointment yesterday, and I've mentioned this our doctor doesn't have a TON of personality- nice woman but usually keeps to herself. Ever since the test, she's been opening up one appointment at a time. Yesterday, in addition to medicating me she took down my requests and dedications for the big day- D day. Under what circumstances I would like "instrumental assistance" during labor, etc. I let her know I wasn't married to good ol' fashion way of giving birth- whatever works. Whatever is fast and effective- much like the bennies. But if it looks like you need to purchase it at a Home Depot - no. Thank. You.  Honestly, I could get graphic here, but I won't. What I will leave you with is a direct quote from C-dog when reading through the 4 page contract that we have to sign on each page pointing out and illustrating in detail how horrible it is or could be.

"Damn. This is nasty."

t minus 15 - 42 days.

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