Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ring the Alarm

The time is near. The time is here….

but not quite yet.

I am sitting on the couch, or at my desk, or in the car and it hits me. A cramp. A pull. A hope that this is it.

It is not.

It happens every once in awhile, but not to return> ahh until a pattern shows itself. Although I'm told when you go into labor, you'll know. But then there are those crazy stories about going into a bathroom- and boom you meet your baby in the most unusual place not knowing it was labor, they thought it was gas. How do I know what I'm dealing with here?

This morning at work we had a meeting- for those of you that don't know I work at a crazy place that has random and wild themes from time to time- anyway. There we are in a meeting a theme situation was out there- so the meeting was light and fun. Where we are going over the numbers- where we are, where we need to go- we're talking goal we're talking focus, we're talking the entire office staff. And I get the giggles. The reason and trigger- doesn't really translate. Doesn't really matter.

I got the giggles- so badly that I was coughing in a way that made me sound like I was almost 'barking' like a seal. No video to capture no picture… just imagine. Barking seal.

Those around me, laughed- as I laughed until I cried. And at one point I do believe I had a few scared I was going to burst. At one point, I had a spotter- in formation- as if the child was going to shoot out of me like a cannon. I do believe the quote was “I gotta get ready- this kid going to come flyin out!” Ah if only it was that easy, god bless. I’m talking she did a lunge and squatted and cradled her hands ready to make the big catch.

Me? I hear stories, I read book- I see postings... the potential of a disaster happening is high. And I'm not talking contractions, I'm talking laughing so hard I pee my pants. It happens- and thanks be Jesus it did not happen to me at a hall meeting.

That would be an entry you wouldn't have expected.

How’s it going? Is the question of the day, week, month…. The answer?

Still preggers.


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