Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Hanukkah

You may not know this but the Jewish faith holds a very special place in our hearts. For our wedding we had the dance, with the chairs, I know and love as the "Hava Nigela" which I am told it is not called- but that's how we roll.

You may not know this either, but in addition to a fun tradition of a wedding dance that we incorporated into our big day.... the biggest addition to our life, L, likely arrived if you will during the 8 crazy nights of this holiday. Again, that's how we roll.

You'd think it would be on purpose then that we currently have a Hanukkah Bush in the house. A Hanukkah Bush? Yes- it's what most would consider a Christmas Tree, kind of. The thing is last year when we lived in our glorious yet ridiculously teeny tiny apartment in Charlestown, we had no room to store things. We usually used our "room" at Nana Lu's house. One fine day we decided to stir things up a bit, for whatever reason, and brought all of our holiday decorations to Grammy & Poppa's house in the 'Burgh. What sense did it make to separate the family of junk we have collected over the year? None, so it was only fair that when the time came to get out the decorations we all remembered where they were. Conveniently 5 hours away in the 'Burgh. We also conveniently remembered this the very same weekend the crew from the 'Burgh made the pilgrimage to Boston. Too bad we remembered 10 hrs too late. Now here we have our glorious tree, which like last year is broken (story to follow), but it looks good. With no decorations. A bare naked tree standing in our living room. The decorations are on the way via the US Postal Service, so lord knows when we'll see those- if we see them. Instead of Grinching about it... I'm embracing it. We will have a Hanukkah bush. What a way to celebrate the holidays. Mozel Tov to us.

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