Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meeting the Crazys

I thought it had to do with the inability to NOT talk about fluids- but it turns out it's just my mean spirit. Last night I went to the first meeting of a Book Club I joined. I found them through craigslist and it could have gone either way. Crazy nuts or decent people. They turned out to be a group of decent people... who immediately upon leaving dinner I found it impossible to not talk about and give stupid names of reference (circa Pinky-no-bra). This is why I have no friends.

Who are my new friends? In addition to never being the owners of this blog address- they are (in no particular order): the fiddler, the beast (sounds real mean, but there is a story behind that and she is in way a beast), plain Jane, purp cord, wind Esq., and Marcic. Shannon came with me- and thank god.

There were a few times I put my foot in my mouth and needed saving. Like when Wind Esq. was introducing herself and I said, "I'm sorry- did you just say wind? I thought you said you were a lawyer for the wind. (laugh laugh laugh)." She turns to me and says, "Yes, I did. Wind." Rather than back peddle I reiterate, "NO! I thought you said wind, like blowing wind. W-I-N-D." She says, "Yes, I did. Wind." I mean she was clear the first time that she said that, but since when does the wind need legal council?? I would have never thought. That's where her name came from. More about this unlikely Motley Crew at a later date.

I have to read a book, that should be interesting. I haven't sat and read in awhile. OR maybe I'll adopt the Beast's practices. She doesn't read. Nope. When asked the question "Why do you buy any given book?" She explained that she gets her books off iTunes. Most of the table turns their head to the side and gives a puzzled looked. I learned my lesson from my initial interaction with the wind esq so I kept my mouth shut. She later confirmed, that yes in fact she does not read books, she listens to them. She was my favorite, even though she joined a book club and doesn't read- she was funny so for that I will forgive her laziness.

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