Sunday, December 30, 2007

What Is Your Commentary?

Maybe it's just us- but after any given family gathering we get back in the car (since we have hours to kill, because we travel everywhere) and comment on what has happened, what our thoughts are, gossip and give grades. Grades are based on many different things. There are many things that I now can't comment on publicly because who knows who has this address, but there are somethings no matter who is reading it I have to comment on. Like the holidays.

Did you know I absolutely hate traveling to NY and would like to avoid it at all costs? If not, you haven't been paying attention. This time last year, I swore that we would spend Christmas in Boston. Because I have come down with a case of amnesia, we made the trek. I am now committing it to writing, next year, we are staying in Boston. I even set an outlook reminder outlining the reasons we will not be coming back to NY this time next year. Shouldn't Santi visit L at her house? And shouldn't she have her mother with full mental capacity as long as possible? It already seems likely to be touch and go as it is.

We love the family, we love seeing everyone (even those I don't love seeing, I enjoy on some levels) but the commute is a biotch and if you didn't know we haven't so much as seen half of our relatives in the far far away land of Boston, MA. So to this I say, no more.

Our families could not be more different. At one it's eat eat drink drink, more more more, go go go go, hurry hurry hurry, drink drink, eat eat, go go go. At the others- it's slow as all get out, you go gonna eat that? Did you quit drinking, forever? Slow and silent times or loud and unnecessary screaming. Between the two families it's a bit of a schamozel, an identity crisis of sorts- and we leave feeling a bit bipolar. One thing they do have in common is the d-rah-ma and where there is none we find some, because a commentary is nothing with out a little drama.

Minus my grandmother's attack, we'd give the holiday week a solid B+. You're surprised by the high grade (if you are my family), I'm sure. But it's true, even with the drama and driving. In re: to my grandmother's attack, if you don't know her- you're saying to yourself "oh no, I hope she is okay." Keep your good thoughts for another occasion. The attack was unprovoked and unjust. The victim fell fast and furious. My grandmother walked away unscathed, as she was the attacker, as per usual.

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