Sunday, December 16, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Next year, when she knows what is going on, I'm going to go nuts- I'm sure. But right now, since she's only now learned how to grab a rattle- L isn't going to get much from dear ol' Saint Nick.

We want to get her a little something, so that she'll have this little something as the first present from her parents her first Christmas. I figure, we gave her life, isn't that the very best gift of all?? I'm sure most of our family will blatantly ignore our request for not going crazy- I do hope they listen to us. (shameless plug to follow)

Take into consideration the fact that despite numerous threats to never come to NY again, we are traveling to and from Boston, MA. With the babe, the dog and the monstrosity of a wonderful but not compact stroller... never mind my little problem of constantly over packing... there is no more room at the Inn. Plus we have to take home our Christmas decorations so that we don't have a Hanukkah bush, nakey Christmas Tree next year... we have a full house. Santa Claus has a sled, we have an Impala. While C boasts, it fits three dead bodies in the trunk, it will quickly fill up with our crap PRE holiday. Don't go crazy, she doesn't even get it yet. And if you do decide to ignore our request, please provide gift receipts, huh. You kids all have the same taste and the last thing we need are multiple repeat outfits.

Back to our girl's new talents... while she did just learn how to grab at things, she hasn't yet learned how to steer her hand, which provides a lot of entertainment to me but just frustrates her to no end. So, she has the bink'er dink (as we call it- some call it Chewchete, binky, passy... the au pair calls it the nooky which spins me into thinking of Fred Durst. He did it all for the nookie, come on, the nookie, come on so you can take the cookie and stick it up your (yea)....) I digress.

L has the bink'er dink in her mouth. She takes her hand and pulls out the bink'er. This immediately makes her scream, until she starts waving her hand (still holding the bink'er) into her view. Once she can see it in her hand, she calms and whines as she tries to get the bink in her mouth. There are numerous tries until she finally succeeds and plugs herself up- only to be startled while her hand still holding on to her bink'er. Rinse and repeat the fun for us and frustration for her. I'd love to say I'll get it on video, but as soon as I pic up my camera, which can record some small lengths of video, she freezes and gets a deer in headlight face. She better become a ham soon, this camera shy bit is going to put her on the naughty list, for real. Coal only, next year, that should be easy enough to fit.

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