Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Road Again

After a long hiatus of our hellacious commute to NY the Guarros of MA are hitting the road. In her first ever trek, L will be coming to a home near you (if you live in the NY). After I swore I would not take the trip until there were 2 logged visits from all, and the first to see the baby did not count.... we are going to NY for the holidays. This is with most not taking that first trip to meet L (yup, I'm talking about you) we are going back on all we said. To be fair, the first month was obviously not a month we wanted visitors, despite how many wanted to. To be honest, there have been 2 more months since then. We have had many of our friends come to visit (not just those that live in MA, either- representatives from NY, CT, GA, TN, NC, IL now Switzerland). Other countries, people. And what about you? Upon doing some math and only counting adults we have only had 30% of our immediate family have come to visit. If I include the children... 20%.

These are not good numbers.

Bitter? Maybe. Mostly, just stressed at the thought of having to take that drive, once again. OH how I have not missed the drive, the traffic, the rest stops... now we get to add feeding, changing and crying to that. It just takes bad to worse. And in the last few days we can add sloppy weather to the equation. Let's not even think about the packing puzzle ahead.

We ride soon. We'll leave at night, like the Von Traps- but unlike the musical crew going over the mountain with a simple bag over their shoulder- we'll be packing that Impala like a mule and get in as much crap as possible. Hopefully we can fit everyone and everything. It sure would be a shame if we had to leave the baby at home. Oh well, that's what everyone gets for never coming to the outer banks of that far far away land of MA.

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