Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Abelle's Nutrition

All the hullabaloo in the beginning to bfeed or not to - the pushing the prodding the requests will I will I not... the pressure doesn't end nor does the judging. Months later. Nutrition is tough - L quit the hooch a little after 6 months. Cold turkey for the most part - she really wanted no part of it. It was a grand run and I did all I could, but at a certain point it was time to hang up my hooter hider and call it a night. Why fight with her about it? Houston we have a problem... what the heck to feed her?

We started to feed her, with every chapter read in books & hand outs from the doctors - 'by the book.' We started with rice, which is not actually rice - it looks like instant mashed potatoes but not really. Then every 3 days we would add a new food - and wait 3 days. Me being all concerned of potential allergic reactions - we'd stretch the 3 day rule. Each week a new food - and never mixing rice with the new food until the 3 day clear. Carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, avocados, bananas, mangos, delicious... and all fresh. Yup. We went hippy - fresh fruits and veggies. Pureed then frozen... in ice cube trays. In the freeze, then in little baggies - and voila. Fresh, yummy meals ready to go whenever L was in the need some nourishment. How easy. How fun. How soon it all ended.

Somewhere between Memorial Day and last weekend she has decided to quit soft mushed foods. Try to come up with 3 meals a day with out using mushy food but keeping in mind the kid has 2 teeth. It isn't easy - out the window has gone that 3 day period with one new food a week. Now - if she eats it it's hers. Pickles, chicken soup, pasta, toast, cookies... whatever! Planning meals has never been so difficult - if only she could let a sister know what the hell she felt like eating - maybe someday. Until then I'll continue to throw things on the tray and see if it takes. If she throws it on the floor it's Abelle's dinner - if not we have a shot in hell in getting a meal down!

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