Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mom Jeans BE GONE!

You watched the progression from baby to bump and now bump to booty. With 8 months out - it's time to watch the bump plump be gone . Today is day 2 in operation fat attack (o.f.a). I won't be posting pictures of the metamorphosis (inner monologue: please let it be a metamorphosis) - but I'm throwing it out there and say it's go time. We've got a center set up - meals planned, vegetables to be cut and water to be guzzled. I'm talking we're choosing a photo to aspire to return to, a pair of clothing to get back into, %s will be marked and a weigh in on the regular. Mamas got some jeans to fit into - and not mom jeans. Mom jeans are a sad but true fact of life. Originally I was convinced it was a choice not fate to wear the high rising wide coverage tight ankle beauts. I have once again been proven wrong - you grossly underestimate the damage a beautiful little baby can do on your ass - no matter what people tell you. And maybe you'll you'll be lucky and be back in your prepreggs jeans in record time, or need to lose lbs in the single digits... and maybe I just hate you. For this fatass - it's diet time.

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