Friday, January 29, 2010


In a little old house, in a little old neighborhood, lived 5-15 girls and guys depending on the season. The background is this little old house in this little old neighborhood is where I found life long friends and by association the ball & chain.

Follow me if you can... plus I'm going with 1/2 real nicknames and 1/2 made up ones to protect the identity of the innocent.

One of my BFs from college, KW has a BF from high school... we'll call her Darby. Darby went to college and had the luck of finding herself with some of the best roommates ever. They had their share of crazies - some of which have stories attached to them that at this time I won't get into but the full brothel attendees had regulars. Darby, LeeLee, MyMy, Ginny & Belle. This motley crew of amazing women went to university in Beantown and after moving out of the dorms got their hands on an apartment in good ol'Allston. All the while having a rotating crew of family add ons, including myself.

Allston being well known for spot where Aerosmith wrote their first song - had other redeeming qualities. Like the endless supply of places to go and people to see; porch watching at it's best. Speaking of porches, Allston is a magical place - you can throw cans off the porch and by morning BOOM they are gone. All collected and recycled for the 5cent reward. It sounds demeaning - but listen we just give the people what they want.

The summers after my junior and senior year of college I joined the crazy crew. One summer I took odd weeks out on a blow up mattress until my roommate made a run for it and split in the middle of the night after running (and getting stuck in) a fly trap. The following summer I shared a bed & driveway with Darby. And god bless that B for letting me spoon with her ... cause I'd be on the dang street collecting empty beer cans to make ends meet.

I never did go to sleep away summer camp. I hear that's the bees knees when it comes to finding life long friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I say 67 was my summer camp - though my summer camp was better than yours. It had endless beer, super cheap enrollment (splitting rent and sharing beds does a wallet good), and endless possibilities when it comes to stories to tell.

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