Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday snaps

1. I'm back (with a vengeance), for now. And it feels good. I just can't flip into old bad habits, i.e. I said I would start doing this in June 09... this is my second 'entry.'
2. My girl is growing up. This past week when I got home after being gone for only a few days - she went from asking for specific things for breakfast- just by saying the thing she wanted to a full sentence. When did she become a freaking human? Example, before this week it was all "BAR BAR BAR BAR" when it came time for breakfast. Now, she looks up to me... "Mama, can I have a bar for breakfast... pllleease?"
3. Jersey Shore makes me smile, laugh and love life. Train wreck? Perhaps. Joyful? Absolutely.
4. I got to see the bulk of my girls this weekend. God damn it. I love those Bs. (Oh my god. I don't have anything about Chester Street on my blog. This will be rectified this week. For shizzie.)
5. Working from home has serious benefits, including being about to 'commute' to the dinner table and back to 'the office' when needed. I'm grateful to have that luxury.

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