Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday snaps

1. Having a clean home is a happy one. Snaps to having time to clean this piece. There was so much gravel, sand and dirt around this house, I was starting to be afraid that should a cat arrive into our front door - he would think he just entered the world's largest litter box.

2. Having family that would prefer to hang out with my kid then me. I mean I know we are welcome to join the fun/ but it's pretty fantastic to have a visitor and still be able to get sht done. Pretty amazing.

3. L stayed with Nana Lu & Uncle Ricky this weekend. Friday night we came by, swam in the hotel pool, ate some dinner and came back to go to bed. C dropped the offspring off/ while I was still sleeping. We had the day to get things done. I was able to put some hours into work with out severe guilt ridden mama psychosis setting in- oh and to catch dinner & a movie. Glorious.

4. My little girl getting to know and loving spending time with her elders is pretty amazing. I can't say that I had the same kind of bond she has already with her grandparents; or maybe I did and I don't remember - all I know or honestly really care about is how she lights up. She's a good little girl always and sleeps like no other. It's happiness all the way around.

5. Speaking of sleeping/ I don't understand it. When L spends time with Nana Lu she sleeps longer and harder than she has since the last time she spends time at or with Nana Lu. I think she slips her something. I'm just saying.

And that's a wrap.

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  1. Magic granny power = sleep magic. Cosmic revenge/sense of humor for the sleepless nights we made our parents suffer thru. One day L will enable you to enjoy this twisted power.


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