Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quirk That : 2

Alone time is my BFF. I love it. I need it. I crave it.

After long days I have to have it.

It can be hard to explain, and hard to live through with me - and of my most closest friends and family they sometimes do not understand it. So here I go trying to explain it.

It's not you. It's me.

Sometimes a girl needs to just be alone with her thoughts. Nothing against you- all the questions. All the talking it. It begins to sounds like static in the background. True story - after long days or even short days of the constant noise I like to sit in silence. Even driving while I do so love a good song to belt out or dance to, some days I drive in silence and can go an hour before I realize the radio isn't on and I am sitting in silence.

In traveling last week - or at this point almost 2 weeks ago? Whatever. There were points at the end of the day where the inevitable "what now" question would be asked. God bless my friends for understanding that they wouldn't get an answer from me anytime soon. God bless them for realizing they needed to make a decision - keep me in the know and then when I could and when or if I wanted to - I would join them or not. No pressure. No weird looks (to my face at least) - and truly understanding - it's not them. It's me.

My name starts with a J and I like alone time.

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