Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flashback Friday

I'm committed to trying to make this whole blogging situation work. I love writing, even if no one is reading. It's cathartic. Sometimes I'm not the worst, either - so that is fun. We'll see where this road goes. Lord knows I've promised this sort of thing before.

Here is my plan - I'm posting more regularly come hell or high water - or as I like to call it neglected family or undone work. I'm going to start scheduling posts out - so I can at least update several times a week and maybe not spend too much time through out the week. What's a week out of 4 through out the month to completely ignore my child, husband and employment responsibilities.

The thing is, with out being knocked up (I'm not knocked up), there seems to be less that is funny enough to write about. I'm told though stories I tell or things that have happened to me are laughable - so I'm going with a throw back theme. So here I thought I made it up/but apparently others do that too. Whatever, let's just pretend. Fridays are for Flashbacks. Stories from the past, perhaps some photos - lord knows there are enough to go around. I'll try out the whole "Wordless Wednesdays" - but in addition to slacking on writing, even with over 2K photos from 2009 and the off spring... I'm slacking on photos too. Good grief... I have a lot to do.

- busy being busy

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