Tuesday, March 2, 2010

com·mit·ted : Through the Other Side

Chapter 4: Through the Other Side

3:00 pm: 3+ hours of sitting in wait, while stuffing my face, wrapped up in the fetal position, doing what work I can with the soothing sounds of the epic The Real Housewives of New York play in the background. I awaited for Don's call but to no avail. Who makes a girl wait? So I called him. Truth be told, I'm not 100% of exactly what he said but the jest of it was: the car won't be ready until tomorrow (Friday - yes people at this point - 4 chapters deep we are still in day one). And not only tomorrow, but the end of the day - no dice. Not an option. I have a meeting to attend.

On the road again...

GPS thanks be, says it's less than 2 hours away. At least it wasn't 2+ hours away....

7:00 pm: For those of us in the house where math isn't our friend... we're pushing 3 hours at this point. There is snow, rain, sleet, sunshine and then soon after - darkness. I used my GPS to get me to my final FINAL destination. Unfortunately and obviously only they way my luck can deliver, the address on the website was:

100 College Road East

Go ahead... put that address in google maps. Go ahead. See what happens. Go ahead.

That's right if you did it - you'll see... it'll bring you right to where I found myself after 7pm that fine night. In the back end of Princeton University. It's lovely this time of year.

100 College Road W

Not lovely? Trying to get out of there. That right there is a clear road block, right where my trusty GPS said I needed to go.
By the time I got to my final destination, while I was originally going to just go to bed how could I when drinks and food were awaiting me?

15 total times in route... and it was time to let loose. Including my hair which had been pinned up since 4am this morning.

(that is indeed my beer AND wine - car parked at hotel and ready to be taxied around!)

Final mishap? Because you know there is one... upon getting back to our hotel room we may or may not have needed to open a bottle of wine. That bottle... it may have given us a little more trouble than we bargained for - or frankly that I felt at that point I was really due at this point of the day.

OH. No that's not the end of the story... not quite yet.

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