Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday snaps

  1. Sleeping late rocks my world.  My dear husband let this lazy bum sleep until after 9-10am on the regular. 
  2. My baby daddy. After sleeping late  with no coffee in sight, I was greeted with not only a coffee but a few hours of quiet time. L got a trip to the gym & pool with Daddy and I got some me time. Glorious. 
  3. Movie night has commenced.  Both Saturday & Sunday night we dimmed the lights, snugged up on the couch and watched movies.  L gasped from time to time asking, "Wha happens?" It's too cute. 
  4. Lying.  Not pleased she is starting her con early... but when caught it takes all I have in me not to laugh. C, "L are you lyin'?" L, "Rooaarrr!!!!
  5. New blogger layout. Horray for choices. I awoke on Saturday (late as explained) with alone time on my side and a new format to play with. Now if I could just get it all right.

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