Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Eyed Willy in the HizHouse

Last night - I thought I was being punished for putting mascara on. The price of beauty. My right eye got seriously irritated. I thought a fleck of mascara got in my eye or something. It wasn't horrible last night, but it wasn't comfortable.  This morning, at o'dark thirty I awoke in pretty bad shape. I was convinced I had pink eye (my mortal enemy). Luckily I called a doctor- who has an office across the street from me. I didn't know that when I called but was pleasantly surprised to find out as the nurse gave me directions that she was describing my neighborhood.  Things were "looking" up. Unluckily, I apparently have a pretty serious eye issue. It really isn't comforting when the doctor repeats, several times "Not Good. Not good. This is very serious."

Long and short: I have a corneal ulcer - which apparently is not good and very serious. All joking aside (as much as I possibly can) I'm one eye willed today - putting a drop in my eye every 15 minutes. For 2 hours. Then every hour. Then a follow up tomorrow morning 7am. NOT across the street.  Of course she is in her other office 30 min away tomorrow.
Wondering if I can catch a break. Just curious. 

-1 eyed willy. 

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