Thursday, August 5, 2010

BlogHer : BlogThat

In typical fashion I am waiting until the last minute. Not on purpose. Not because I want to. Not because I meant to. To quote mothers around the globe, “Just because, now stop asking me.”   

Life got away as usual (see also: unposted adventure sequence, fraking fantastic photos unposted, laundry still in basket (folded but not put away – I consider this a slight win) or dust bunnies behind the scenes – some front and center).  The goal was to be out the door to catch 11 am bus; dream sequence would have been to be on a train at 10 am.  Neither took place.  While I toyed with the idea to just bag the whole mass transport thing, hop in my car and just drive myself to my moms (in NY, a short train ride into NYC) – it turned out there was a 1pm train. HOLLA.

That was until the cab didn’t show up on time.

I barely made the 1 pm train.  I did, but not with out incident.  I think I may have forgotten another pair of contacts (read here: something WILL happen to my contacts, though normally nothing does) AND I forgot to even post about where I am going and how scared nervous, frightened, deer in headlights don’t run me over, excited I am! 

And here we are, on the bus telling the story. Last minute Louise, thank you very much.
If this post goes live then it means I have narrowly escaped the maniac behind the wheel and the Judgey McJuderson seatmate I have.  First thing’s first, the speed in which this beast can go is pretty amazing.  I’m waiting for Sandy to hop on the bus or to sit in some dang gum before I find out that this is in fact not a drill. Pop Quiz, Asshole. 

Next up my dynamic campaign here to my right who I am hoping can’t read my screen at 25% visibility. First off – the train is packed and home girl just left her backpack on the seat next to her. Fine, forgiven maybe she doesn’t see there is nowhere for me to go but the back of the bus – toilet style. When I say. Can I sit there – she literally thinks about it. Honestly girlfriend, move it or loose it.  I call her Judgey McJudgerson because you would have thought I whipped out a tuna fish sandwich on rye bread with garlic pickles and hard-boiled eggs on the side for my lunch.  Yes, I packed a lunch. No, I’m not 12. I was thinking I had time while the cab didn’t show up and since I had only had (several) cups of coffee – I figured I should bring something along to avoid passing out. I am a delicate flower, you know. I pulled out some cold spaghetti. What?  Don’t make that look at me. It’s delicious, easy to eat and you know what? Pretty much order less.  In other news, I’m fairly certain that she posted something about me on facebook – so no, I don’t feel bad about writing her story here.  

Long story long? I’m en route to BlogHer.  I can’t believe it. I’ve known for a year it was happening, months that I am going.  Thoughts on packing the day I’m leaving, presumably the time I was supposed to be shuffling out the door to catch my reasonably timed transportation plan?  

Whatever. I over pack. It took a minute. I ONLY brought 2 (maybe 3) extra outfits / but they are dresses for the most part and barely take up much space at all. What I didn’t do was evoke the sense I had when we went to Amsterdam. It looks like I packed MORE for 4 days than I did for our week long vacation. To be fair, I need 2(ish) outfits a day but the lack of rolling up my clothes I know (read here: hope, to the wee baby Jesus) I’ll have more space and not be so jam packed on my way home. 

I’m nervous, but I pledge to you Mom, Meg’s mom, MyMy, the Guarros of the ‘Burgh, Sabina & Sierra … my loyal 6 readers I WILL get out there. Meet some damn people, make some connections – and gawd dang it…. have fun while doing it.  Luckily for me I have one of my fans (insert sarcastic tone here) right there with me. Homegirl is primed and ready to GO this weekend.  

I love (when I can carve out the time) to blog, I love to read blogs.  Most of all, like all the things I (try) to do in life- it’s the people you surround yourself with that make the experience. I’m going to get out, jump (WAY OUT) of my comfortable little box and meet some damn people. Brand new business cards in hand, ready to go – smile, check. Positive outlook, check (as much as I possibly can – come on I’m only human / me. You’ve met me right? NO? Well… dang, look at that – it worked. You found me! Long story LONGER: I need an attitude adjustment sometimes).  

I’m going to learn lots of things, attend some parties and maybe see a Unicorn or two. Stay tuned … I’m thinking I’m at a blogging conference how could I slack off here with some recaps? 

(Insert the end of the movie here, where it pans out to the next date of entry at least 2 weeks from today’s date).


  1. Holy hilarious. The best thing you do in your writing is be YOU. I can hear you in every word.

    Have fun, can't wait to hear/read/learn all about it.

  2. Ha! I totally understand about the contacts thing. I am a bit paranoid and brought an extra pair.

    It was great to meet you. I love your writing. It made me laugh :)


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