Thursday, January 27, 2011

Belly Tales

Mama: "The baby's in my belly."
L: "NO. A baby in your belly?"
Mama: "Yup. You were in my belly when you were a baby, too."
Daddy: "It's true."
L: "No. Way. That's silly." (giggling)
Mama: "I'll show you. I have pictures."

Picture proof provided...

(side note - I am NOT looking forward the all that)

L: (mind explodes)
Daddy: "Whan I was a baby, I was in Grammy's belly."
Mama: "When I was a baby, I was in Nana Lu's belly. And when YOU were a baby - you were in my belly first. See that's you in there!"
L: "Wait. Who is in MY belly?" (grabbing her stomach: slightly horrified, slightly confused, slightly excited)

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