Monday, January 3, 2011

Dreamy Christmas - Wrap Up

So where last we left our holiday heroes we were enjoying the look of Christmas magic

I have to be honest, homegirl made out.  Among other things, she got just what she needed like fantastic outfits from Nana Lu, just what she wanted like Rudolph the Red Nosed Dang Reindeer from her MyUncleChris and super fun snow globe light up Frosty’s from Uncle Ricky. Of which a few days deep she has almost drained the batteries.  Nana Lu told me about this video, the kid who got books and called NO FAIR on Christmas past.  Want to know just one of the reasons I love my kid? She got books too – and before she wanted to open the rest of her presents she wanted to stop and read them. How cool is she?  You get books for Christmas, in her mind. 

Last year, in pursuit for the best holiday card ever, 2009, I purchased some footie pajamas.  Adult sized. Unfortunately the ball & chain and I were not our most svelte so they didn’t fit at all right.  The good news is, this year they fit perfectly.  I picked up some complimenting pajamas for the rest of our house guests and the result? Christmas. Magic.

After present overload we sat around, sipped on some mimosas and freed some of the toys from their treacherous shackles and awaited the next wave of arrivals!  

Seriously: Elves, Santa, toy manufactures worldwide…. what is UP with the packaging? Are you preparing the toys for serious earthquake survival? I mean forget about the who environmental impact of all that plastic, twist ties reinforced with tape, wire and sticky glue – what about the cost for these materials? The aggravation alone – I would pay MORE to be able to buy toys that don’t require a toolbox and bone cutting scissors to free the toy.

Grammy & Pa Pa arrived and present giving and receiving take 2 took place with only 1 causality caused by poor labeling.  Continuing the legacy (from a few hours earlier), everyone got spoiled and L walked away with some serious booty. A favorite of mine? A nativity scene - made by Melissa & Doug. We have a Christmas tree, we even have a menorah... but a nativity set? We didn't. It's perfect!  Not to mention, Belle & matching movie - L was in heaven.

Fun fact? Grammy & Poppa and Uncle Ricky both bought us wines inspired by the love of my summer sipper. Looky looky. Blogging brings additional benefits! 

The day progressed with fun, relaxation, delish food (thanks to the talented ball & chain) and some more relaxing. It was a pretty perfect day. I was right, what can I say? Holidays at home ARE the way to go. Since it was our first year home, we eased into it all.  Next year we'll most likely pare down the Christmas Take 2, etc but the holidays at home are here to stay. 

The day after Christmas we were scheduled to go to the ball & chain's brother's house. While I know how much L loves her cousin time, I'm not going to lie. We got hit with a blizzard and I couldn't be happier.  Thus the beginning of this post (posted yesterday)... started during the storm, 1 week ago (at this point). We watched movies, played in the snow, drank hot chocolate with mash-a-mellows and enjoyed the aftermath. All house guests made a run for the boarder first thing in the morning to avoid the snow and while the time with the fam was nice - again, not going to lie - to have the house to ourselves was fantastic. 

On Tuesday (12/28) we had Christmas Part Two - with Poppa & Cami. More love, more celebrations, more eating, more PRESENTS. L got a Dora (thanks God now all her Christmas wishes came true).  Then on Wednesday, Christmas Part Three (see what I mean, lots of takes to this fine holiday). We headed to Nana Lu's to spend time with (great) aunts, Nona & (second) cousins. Basically it was rest, travel, rest, travel. Having as much family as we do is a lucky thing. Not all being down the street? Inconvenient.  This upcoming weekend we'll go to Albany - part birthday party, part Christmas Part Four, would have been Two if not for the blizzard. THEN finally, Christmas is over, until next time. Aren't you exhausted? Wait, is it just me? We're on delay over here at Chez Guarro - thus the Christmas post finally gracing the pages as of 1.2.2011 - what does this mean for the 2011 wrap up? Dang. Perhaps it will be worth the wait? Unlikely. I am pretty sure I still owe two or three months worth of pictures, a video of our tree trimming and a wrap up from our trip abroad? Maybe 2011 will be more orderly?!

Here's to hoping!

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