Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Talk

When we started thinking about having another baby we started talking to L about it. Her requests were clear. At first a stern and clear, "No, thanks you." At least she said thank you? Manners are important.  We got her to come around to the idea of sharing the spotlight.  She insisted, "Just a baby sister." L tried to negotiate through it. She would say, "how about you have a baby brother and I'll take the baby sister?" Since we were successful the first time around, we just kept on her until she broke until we got through; we can't choose which parts the baby comes with. Now she excited to welcome her baby brother OR baby sister. She has, however, checked a few times how many babies will come. On the way into school the other day she checked in with her Daddy, "There is just one baby, right? Cause I only want just one baby. Right? Just one. Daddy???"

Before we ironed out her special requests, she wanted to know when her baby would be coming. The discussion when a little like this.
L: "Will my baby be here tomorrow?"
Me: "I wish!! No, the baby will come in the summer. We have to wait."
L: "OH, at the beach?"

A few days later I asked her what she wanted to do, it was a lazy day Sunday and I wanted to see what she wanted to do.
L: "Oh, let's go to the beach and get my baby."
Me: "If only it was that easy girl." 

OK, I didn't say that but I wanted to.

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