Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Princess Diaries

I don't dress up. I despise dressing up. If I could live in flip flops and jeans, I would. I try to make that reality as much as possible. I wore flip flops on our wedding day, I'm committed.

(those are in fact white reefs - my F.O.C.*)

Don't judge. As I told my mom who had a slight temper tantrum about these... Jesus wore sandals; I'm sure He doesn't mind me wearing the same at His house. I'd want people to be comfortable in my house. 

I know HOW to dress up (barely). I can throw on a suit for work, or a dress when needed. I often times need some help with shoe pairings (see addiction to flatware / flip flops). And I NEVER look cute like I could walk out of a magazine, but 8 times of 10, I'm at least 'passable.'
I understand those that say "dress for the part you want, not the part you have" or "Clothes make the man" (or woman, as the case may be).  I believe it. I respect it. I just don't believe that's the way it SHOULD be. That's just me and I'm happy in my minority.  I believe there is much discrepancy with these kinds of rules and while appearance can be important when you are a donkey behind your tailored look - I just don't get why you would be more respected than the helpless girl / guy behind the more natural / rugged look. That's just me. 

I wasn't going to go in the way of clothing tirade. I guess the point is - I hate dressing up. You know who doesn't? 

My alleged offspring. As if the blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin and super tall statue wasn't enough to set us apart - she loves to dress up.  Seriously loves it and gets upset if she can't. 

Example: Over the course of the last few weeks, we have been ENCOURAGING comfy days when we are home - be it holidays, snow days or weekends. We would let her stay in pajamas all day if we weren't planning on going out. She will NOT have this. Over the holidays, she pitched such a fit to change - so we laid out leggings and a long sleeve. She panicked!  She freaked out until we got out tights, fancy shoes and a ruffle dress with pearls on it.
She requests dresses every morning, the more sparkles, the better.  At this point, we've figured out how to work in long sleeve shirts under SHORT sleeve dresses, because they have sparkles and that makes her world go 'round. We do not have a picky eater. We do not have a non-sleeper. I guess instead we were given a fashion snob. Could be worse.

She also KNOWS what goes and what does not. She had "clashing wacky tacky day" or something like that at school.  Knowing how finicky she is with what she will wear, the ball & chain kept her busy while he got her changed. When he was done, here was the final product and her response. A true quote.

I have forever dealt with fashion issues... and I birth a true fashionista. I am totally screwed. If you are what you wear, my kid wants to be a Princess. Awesome.
*F.O.C. = Flop OF Choice or Flip Flop of Choice

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  1. Soda just squirted out my nose. My daughter is the same. Good luck sister. It only gets more interesting.


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