Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart Beats

The first week of February L had (another) snow day and I had an appointment with my new OB/GYN. I miss what we had in Boston, big time, but I was looking forward to meeting this new doctor. Up until this point I'd been seen by technicians and nurse practitioners. I had a good feeling about our new doctor for a few reasons. First, I'd asked some local moms for some recommendations a few months ago - and she and her practice came up a lot. Second, after a recent first trimester screening blood test and sonogram she called to follow up. The technician said, "No news is good news - you won't get a call unless something needs to be looked into."  Instead, the doctor called to say "Everything looks perfect!" Who doesn't want to get a call like that? Unnecessary but something that doesn't go unnoticed. I had a feeling all was going well - I mean the kid waved at that appointment... I'm thinking that was a sign.

When I think about how things are this time vs. last time - the temperament of these kids are 100% different. How can I tell? Look at this kid? Waving, just chillin. That's right kiddo - you stay calm. L? She was beating her fist from the moment she could. 

Let's bring it back to the point here; we had a follow up appointment and since L had a snow day I thought it would be neat to have her come with us and hear the heart beat. She didn't really get it, but that's ok. As we left her quote was worth the trip.  Apparently she thought when I said she would HEAR the baby I wasn't clear enough; she thought she would MEET the baby. 

"OK Mommy. Where's my baby?"

She looked up at me impatiently as if let down by the trip. Ah home girl. If it only happened that fast.
168 more days. Give or take a few weeks, cause that's the way we roll.

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