Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After the Storm

The snow storm? I wish.

I'm talking announcement. Apparently my Facebook coming out announcement was confusing. There is a surprise. You be the judge - but if you aren't on Facebook, you are disqualified from the judges table.

It's too bad they don't have a profile update - like when you get married. You can tag your ball & chain - and say you are married. It's (FB) official. How do you update when you get knocked up? Consider my baby daddy, C tagged and this FB official.

Even though everyone didn't get it; I should have taken the day off. The announcement of being with child is like a birthday. SUPER overwhelming with the alerts- I imagine the same thing as once he/she will get here. I wasn't on the Book when L was born and based on responses of the announcement I'm scared.

The usual questions have ensued and reminded me of all the reasons I started this here corner of the world wide web.
  • How do you feel? 
  • When are you due?
  • Will you find out if it's a boy or girl? 
  • What are you thinking for names? 
How am I feeling? 
FANTASTIC - that being relative. I feel sluggish and (already) too fat. The usual. BUT relatively speaking, thinking of being pregnant with L - fantastic. It is POLAR opposite. Totally and absolutely the opposite. For every reason. I do not feel like I want to die, I do not go to bed at 7pm, I do not cry every day, I do have control over myself, I don't want to puke 99.9% of the day / night. I LOVE vegetable this time - and vinegar makes me more happy than I would like to admit. Last time the very thought of lettuce and salad dressing would make me throw up. Never mind the fixings of salad. YAH.UK! Now? If it would be socially acceptable to drink dressing from my salad bowl like soup - I would. Though I'm sure it's not cool to drink soup from the bowl either - but you get my drift.  Every single thing different than last time. It's kind of amazing. I know everyone says "every pregnancy is different" but I honestly don't believe "them" ... I guess I should have.

When am I due?
It's complicated. Technically, 8.5.2011, however that's up for debate. Due to L's outrageous size (to review: L weighed in at 10 lbs 14.8 oz - just about 11 lbs - was 22.25 inches - almost 2 feet - and a 15 cm head. Yes, at that size I do believe the decimal points are appropriate and well deserved.) and situation of her arrival I could go in a week earlier with a scheduled c section.  That would bring her arrival the last week of July.  Truth be told, I don't know for sure what we'll do - and frankly it's none of your beeswax. I am (clearly) open to discuss a lot of things but I'm not taking votes on the fate of my abdomen, uterus or vagina. I feel that's fair.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to make a t-shirt with this motto.

Will we found out if it's a boy or girl? 
Totally random, but no. Last time we waited, mostly because the ball & chain wanted to wait. I said second time around we'd find out.  Here we are and the more I think about it the more I remember that moment we found out that we had a daughter. Sure, her birthstory took four takes, but just like her - it was worth it. 
"....The next few seconds, at 10:55 pm, are crystal clear but difficult to describe. I did feel an amazing amount of pressure, like a large part of my body literally being lifted from my abdomen. Oh wait that is what happened. It was like a weight was lifted out from my stomach. Then I heard the doctors, "Wow, what a big baby!" They also kept calling to "Dad" to look. C was going to announce the sex of the baby- that was the plan but in all the excitement- he and I had locked eyes and he wasn't looking up. Finally I said, "That's you! What is it?"

C looked up, jumped up and started waving his hands in the air... "It's a girl it's a girl - we have a daughter. A daughter! Oh my god, it's a girl it's a girl!!!!" He was circling the operating room and almost took a nurse or two out. We were crying- and then started hearing L cry. It was pretty much the most beautiful sound I had ever heard."
What are you thinking of for names? 
GAH what a nightmare. I wish I could give L some authority over the name.  It would REALLY help the situation because we are totally stuck on a boy name. If it were up to L, we'd be naming this kid "Buddy" from the Elf movie. True story.  Luckily we have 179(ish) more days to figure it out. Yes. I am counting, NO I don't know for sure if it's a boy. The front runner of our boy names was (non)violently taken from us and since then I can't seem to find a name that we like anywhere near the same. It sucks. It makes me sad every single time someone asks me what we are thinking of naming the baby.

With girls name, we are all set and no I'm not broadcasting here. If you want to talk it out though, I'm not against that (totally different than last time). That said, yes, I will remember when you make a remark about the names we have carefully and thoughtfully considered for our flesh and blood.  We have a few names in mind though we never really know until we meet him/her at least that's what happened last time. We do have some solid thoughts.

The only issue is my own narcosis.  I have rules around names. And these rules just give us less choices. Cause why keep anything simple? Oh but all that for another day.

The countdown is on.
Trimester 1 over and out.  Since "they" are onto something what say you? If you've been knocked up more than once - what ELSE is different?  

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  1. You are the only person I know who had a bigger baby than L (my L)! He was 10 lbs, 3 oz, born at 39 weeks. I had nary a sign of labor so who knows how long he would have gestated if left to his own devices.

    I also didn't find out with either baby and the moments of OR announcements are the best memories of my life. My pregnancies were EXACTLY THE SAME, to the letter, and I ended up with a boy and a girl, so don't listen to anyone who tells you for sure you're having a boy since your pregnancy is different.

    Oh, and S was born August 31st, so when it's 100 degrees and humid and you have a 3 yo to deal with and you're 8 months pg, I feel you.


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