Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murphy's Law

The finale: Maybe you didn't see the preface or the plot - you might need to scan those or pick up here. 
Where last we left our superheros, we applied for a house and we were feeling we made the right decision. OK fine, I wasn't sure - but I don't want to play "I told you so" anymore - so whatever, we made the decisions we made and we were thinking it was all set. We applied. The owner said he didn't anticipate any issues & he'd send me final details on Thursday. All day Thursday I pressed refresh on my email despite the fact that my email comes straight to my laptop, computer, phone & iPad. I was up until midnight, refreshing.

A friend of mine told me on Friday morning, when I still hadn't heard anything, if I didn't call him at 10 am, she was going to. It's at this point I want to say: when I say murphy's law is our way of life: if something is going to go wrong, it's going to go wrong to us - I mean it. I really freaking mean it. 

9:59 am EST FRIDAY this comes through (not a direct cut & paste some information left out & names altered but 99.9% the original email):

I wanted to get back to you about the house.  I received your rental application and everything looks great with your application.  I do however, have some bad news.  My wife and I accepted a last minute, late night sale contract that came through on Wednesday night around 10pm.  I had stopped showing the house for sale once I reviewed your application on Monday night.  One last agent begged me to let her show the house to her buyers and my wife and I said no until she said that they really serious buyers.   So, long story short, they saw it and loved it and wrote an offer and we accepted.
The good news is that the sale may not go through and I will know very soon.  They are doing the inspection on Tuesday and I will know by Wednesday if we don't agree on any credits and/or repairs.  Either way (if this contract falls through), my wife and I still plan on being out by mid/late May.  I understand with your new baby coming along, you want to secure housing asap.  If you don't want to wait until next week and need my help with advice on nice areas or houses, I'll be happy to help.  Also, I'm always out in different areas with my job--so, if you want me to drive by a house and check out a street for you and your husband, I will try to help.
I'm really sorry for the inconvenience.  I did not expect this as my house has been listed for sale since 4/10/10 (just over a year).
Please feel free to call if you would like to talk about anything further or if you have any questions.
Man who breaks hearts

(Insert crazy persons laugh)

I wanted to reply back:

"Thank you so much - no problem I wasn't waiting by my computer yesterday or anything. Also - you are very welcome for the random and last minute offer on the house - you can be assured that the only reason that came through is because yours truly was planning on moving in! All the best, me."

Instead, I replied appropriately - because obviously I am happy for him and his family. I just wish it could have worked out for both of our families. Instead, we are back to square one; that's how we roll. Sure we can hope for some structural damage discovered in an exception, but something tells me that isn't a wise hope either?

Nothing can ever be simple. I need to stop "looking back" at the decisions we made leading up to this whole situation - mostly because I'm sick to my stomach about it anyway. And I know it wasn't meant to be - that said I don't want to hear it anymore. If we hear that one more time I swear to God we'll both explode. Because as much as my head & heart say "it wasn't meant to be" the smart ass part of me says, "OF COURSE this is how this was going to play out - in fact it was meant to be."  Why? Because in fact, that IS how things work out for us- the most complicated and convoluted way possible.  None of this would really be an issue if there wasn't a clock ticking away.  I try not to ask for much, but, I'd really like to have the baby where my husband lives and he is in St. Louis.  Based on how far along I am and how comfortable I am with flying I feel like we need to move by June 1st - I need to be in the air by June 1st at the very absolute latest. Nothing says stress like a stressful situation on a tight timeline! What's that? You don't believe it could be any more stressful? Allow me to put that statement to the test!

To add to the fun, we continue to field questions that seem to be simple: when are you moving? Where are you moving? When can we visit? When will we see you again? What's new?

Let me address this all right now:
We don't now. We don't know. We don't know. We don't know. Nothing much, just mayhem, hearts broken, major stress, and holy shittake moments that will last a lifetime.

See? Fun, isn't it? What's that? You want more?

Between our schedules, mostly my husband's, over the course of the next 6 weeks (42 days), one of us will be gone 25 days.  If you really want to have fun with math you'll know that's 60% of the next 6 weeks.  I'm only gone 5 of those days, but during those 5 days? It's in between him gone 3 days on either side... so that's almost 2 weeks of one of us gone. Yeah, our kid isn't going to have separation issues at all, nah. And you'll excuse me if I don't really know when we're moving, when you can visit, when you will see us again - because you see... I'm kinda busy right now freaking the hell out. And no. NO. You can't help - unless of course you have a knack for making the housing market not a complete and total sht show. Everyone's best move is to stay calm, don't make any sudden movements and for the love of all things holy don't ask me questions we don't know the answer to. 


  1. whoa. total suckage!

    sorry chica. I've been there. truly. just 2 years ago, i was there. Not fun. On your plus side, you and your husband both have your jobs! Neither me nor my husband had a job 2 years ago. BOTH of us unemployed and we were moving 3000 miles away without a clue as to where we were moving to. Crazy shiz-at. Our house sold in 14 days, so we were "homeless" for 2 months before our moving to California. It was chaos.

    i hope things look up for you! I have a realtor friend in Kansas City, MO but i am not sure if she has connections in St. Louis? i can ask if you need help. just tweet me up!

  2. Thanks so much/ truth be told -I know we are absolutely blessed to be in this situation - however annoyed I am. This post is totally a vent. I know we already chatted about it, but I needed to go "on the record" and recognize I do think our 'luck' is wild. I can complain with the best of them... but ultimately, I do recognize we are lucky to be in this situation over many others.


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