Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Travel Adventures of The Amazingly Weird Guarros

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"Why didn't I think about that?"
This last week, we took this show on the road and went for a quick, focused trip to the STL.  Our new home to be can't be unless we have a home to be in. Yup. We left the kid with NanaLu & Uncle Ricky to attend family parties and work the crowd and off we went.  Ah the things we saw, the places we'd go. 

First on the sites scene checklist? Simply put: the best invention ever.  A hoody sweatshirt with a pocket for your hands & a beer. God bless America, and we hadn't even gotten to the birthplace of Bud Light yet - this was in our (current) home state of Connecticut. From the CT we were off to STL with a 'quick stop' in Chicago.  Oh but wait, I forgot - me traveling comes with it some complications.

Complication one: delayed flight. Complication two: a husband that may need to hit the bottle to fly... ah cold glass of beer how I miss thee. Complication three: suitcase busted.

With 30 minutes to spare we (I) thought fast and sent my inebriated calm husband to find a bag while I tried to repack his bag. Funny enough I did not over pack and he did so it probably wasn't going to end well.  Luckily he did find another bag to purchase and we were back in business.  The reaction of the airport staff was pretty shocking.  I thought it was reasonable to ask for help in getting rid of a suitcase, instead they looked at me like I was asking where the pool was cause I was thinking of a quick skinny dip.
Abandoned suitcase? NO problem

Me: "Hi! My suitcase broke, what should I do with it?"
Airport staff 1: "Huh?" Looks over at airport staff 2 confused.
Airport staff 2: "What's wrong?" (Clearly annoyed I'm asking a question. Can't I see they are busy standing there doing nothing?)

Me: "My suitcase zipper, it broke. I'm just wondering where I should put my suitcase now."
Airport staff 3: (snaps teeth) "Throw it out."Me: "I'm sorry, I just thought... shouldn't someone be alerted of a stray suitcase left out? Won't that be alarming?"
Airport staff 2: "Just throw it out." (snaps teeth)
Me: "Ok, I just figured - for security purposes someone should know?"
Airport staff 2: "Just throw it out, in the garbage."

You know "If You See Something, Say Something?"Apparently if you say something you just get your teeth snapped at you. I left my suitcase by the trashcan open so it was as clear as it could be that it wasn't an abandon weapon. It took hours to get there with a long and delayed layover in the windy city of Chicago, but once we arrived we were welcomed by awesomeness.  I was cranky.  All the traveling, all the baby to carry, no beverages or the beer persuasion to drink but then, then STL showed me a glimmer of their magic. Our rental car. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you the Cube.

We laughed all week. We were there from Thursday through Saturday and despite major some stress, ridiculous decisions and crazy expected curve balls.  We also had a laugh until your stomach aches and your face hurts pains.  Despite not getting what we thought we would from the trip, we had a great time. We missed our little girl and we're excited for our adventure ahead. I know, what DID happen for the 3 days that we were there. Stay tuned.
Emotional finale and possible pregnancy hormone induced mush: I'm not only excited for the STL but I'm excited for the whole thing - life ahead and all that. My husband, my baby's daddy, my boo boo whatever you want to call him - he's simply the best. Without him the kind of fun we had would not be possible. He heart's home work & Hello Kitty and I heart him.  End of story tee-hee-hee.

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  1. holy crow! I think you were high on prego induced hormones while writing this. Or living this. Or maybe its just been a while since i've heard you expound on a travel adventure (and with you, there is always an adventure). Can't wait to hear the details ;)


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