Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have written this follow up and gone back and forth for so long, maybe it isn't necessary. As you'll see in just a second, I can't even help myself but want to clarify. 

When I wrote my last post I rethought it a couple of times. I just knew someone might not see it for what it is and take it personally. You know the saying, "go with your gut" - what if your gut can't make up it's damn proverbial mind?  My gut said someone (if not several someones) might take it personally, but it also said you write for you so stand by thatBe authentic - even if the authentic you comes off like an angry bitch; so post I did.

It's not you. It's no one person.  Most of what I write never is - more of a pile up.  Before you take offense to it or personalize it, I invite you to think about it in a different way.  You get to hear my thoughts in a way I may not get from you - use that power for good.  I would tell you how I feel, if you asked, otherwise it wouldn't be here. It's here because it's happening to me, it's my prospective - my truth.  I get to write it out because this here is my space. I love to have you, but only if you are coming here with an open mind and heart; you should not be here to keep tabs or creep. Maybe at first this place was started to keep people posted, but I hope I've been clear this is not what this space is about anymore. 

Knowing where I am and where I am coming from should make it easier for you.  If you want to know what's going on - ask, but don't be surprised if the answer is 'nothing' or 'I don't know.'  Related side note: why is it so hard for people to get me? Dang, I think I'm so easy. Not to mention the cliff notes you get here. 

This epilogue goes out to all our friends & family most of all - because I don't want to be misunderstood. To be very clear - we love you - we appreciate you - we know that you want to help.
I'm simply asking, if you want to help: be helpful.  Understand that our life is beyond crazed right now and it's nothing personal, it's just our reality for right now. 

If a visit, call back immediately, email back immediately doesn't happen, it doesn't mean you aren't loved.  Life is busy and more than anything, we get that. Loud and clear.  I can only hope you do too.

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