Sunday, July 29, 2012

Accidents Happen

Epilogue: Jessie has had a rough start. Sure she was cuddled and loved the whole way home, but shortly after dinner began her first night home there was a bit of an incident.

We're sitting at the dinner table talking about our day - the adventures we'll have before the move - the adventures ahead in Cleveland.

L raises her hand, high.

Me: "Um. L, do you have a question?"
L: "No. But I have to tell you something."
Me: "OK, go ahead."
L: "Well. Jessie fell in the toilet. Before I flushed. That is all."

I mean, at least she is organized, raises her hand, and comes CLEAN before she continues to snuggle with Peepee Jessie? Bright side, silver lining???

Did I mention, I'm not going to survive this kid?

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