Monday, July 30, 2012

Pet Shop

We found a house. A beautiful, (almost) perfect, house. In the search for a new home - as it always is - it sucked. The weekend we went to Ohio, we did so by way of driving. If you map St. Louis to Cleveland it's a strong and solid: 9 hours 43 minutes. This does not take into consideration:
  • Traffic
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Where the hell is that binky breaks
  • Meal breaks
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Diaper changing, good lord what is that smell, breaks
  • No seriously, where the hell is that binky breaks
  • Some kind of law that states it is inhumane to strap children into car seats for any amount of time that exceeds reasonable expectations
After stopping on the way in to catch a few hours of sleep, we drove straight to our first appointment, Friday morning, and spent the next two full days looking at houses. I didn't count, but my best guess is we saw at least 20 different homes. House Hunters, three houses, this was not. In a surprise twist, by in large, the kids were fantastic. L showed off her all too familiar knowledge of home tours, opening doors, exploring, including audible "oohhs" and "ahhhs" in all the right places. At one point, she noted that, "this kitchen has a lot of space. It opens right into this room." If she said, "great open floor plan" I would have died right there, but I don't know - I feel like her sentiments were right on target and close enough. Anyway, there were a lot of houses, and a lot to remember. The house we went with was the first we saw on Saturday morning, I wouldn't expect her to remember it exactly - though I wouldn't have been surprised if she had. 

I had found the house, listed on a website, that had pictures attached to it. I found the link again, and had her look at the pictures to jog her memory. As she skillfully flipped through the pictures on the phone, she got to the last picture - that was of the back yard. This is what I heard.

"Oooh. YEEEEESSS!!! This house comes with pet deer!"

Final picture of the house.
I'm already tearing her away from a home she loves, and friends she will miss. I was not going to take away her new pet deer. So I may or may not have corrected her. Instead, I said, "Um. Yea, but they only visit sometimes and we can't pet them. They are the kind of pets you just look at. Sometimes."

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