Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life lesson: Don't get too comfortable.

We love where we live. While we are far from family and friends, we are making our way here in our little neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. The people are great, our neighborhood is what hometown feel good movies are made of, the kid has some good friendships, and I'm making good connections with some locals. It's nice. It's comfortable.

We love our home, our landlords are wonderful, the house is put together. It's our home. We are happy. While the ball&chain travels more than I would like, it isn't (always) so bad. We are in a great routine, I get to work from home, the kids are well taken care of. The baby is walking now and starting to form a little personality and this comes with a nice and reliable schedule. Basically? Everything has fallen into place. We have hit our stride. We are happy.

Don't you feel warm, fuzzy, and all calm inside?
Yeah, I do did too.


Long story short: a few short weeks ago the ball&chain gets a phone call from his manager. He is doing well in his role, and while the plan was for him to stay in this role for two years, there is an interest for him to interview for a new role. In a different section of the company. This is a great opportunity for him, and by all accounts, who wouldn't be thrilled to be thought of for an exciting role, one that would afford him continued career advancement? By all intensive purposes there is a feeling of pride for my husband. He is good at his job kicks ass. He is sought after. It isn't a bad place to be. Speaking of place to be, where might this new and exciting role be?

It isn't in the comfort of our aforementioned lovely and comfortable home. And not even in this state. And not even in this region of the country (I don't think). Note: we've been here for a year. One year. One month.

Of course, we are moving (quickly) to another state I have never been to.


Cleveland, Ohio.

I know. Cleveland, rocks.

And if that doesn't get you pumped, perhaps this will.*

Yeah, this is what is sent to me. Because, I guess... my friends rock. 

This is not a drill. More later, when I scrape my brain from the walls because BOOM. Head.Explodes.

*disclaimer, I'm not hating on the Cleve. We are really excited. I hear great things about it and it seems to be a really family friendly city with warm neighborhoods, wonderful towns, and all that a young family would like to see offered. I am not, however, excited for everything else that will come with moving. We are excited to explore our new city, just incredibly sad to leave the one we have grown to love in such a short amount of time. I guess I lash out when I'm sad. I have issues, if you've been here before I'm not sure this is a shock. Because if you didn't get the hint - WE JUST FREAKING MOVED HERE. 

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  1. Liz Lemon loved Cleveland on 30 Rock, if that helps?

    I feel you on the moving, and we don't yet have kids. I'm just settling down here and I KNOW we'll be moving in a year and a half. I can't imagine doing it with WEEKS notice AND with kids. You're my hero. Stay strong, you've got this!


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