Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1 year.

Our littlest baby girl one years old. One year ago, you made us all feel slightly more whole. Surprisingly, when you love your child with your whole heart and another child comes into that heart? There is plenty of room. It's almost as if, there was something missing before - even if there wasn't. Confusing?  Maybe. But so are you. You are always a surprise. Your arrival was slightly surprising, your name surprising, your personality? SURPRISE. Come to think of it, even being knocked up was a surprise.

You are the best kind of surprise.

You (still) only have a few teeth - but that doesn't stop you from tearing through food. You have two bottom teeth and your two eye teeth are coming in. So basically, you are an adorable little vampire. We used to call you a vampire when you were little because you were always hungry - and let's just say it wasn't pretty.  Your favorite food seems to currently be mac & cheese, but you do love avocado, pasta (with sauce), and we haven't tested it - but we are fairly sure you would eat Chinese food everyday, all day - if it were up to you. Oh and pizza. Good lord, you love pizza. You love fruit - especially melons & peaches.

You are walking and it blows our mind, every day. Sometimes, it makes me cry. Not a bad cry or sad cry. I just can't believe how big you are. You are were my itty bitty baby. Fitting in newborn clothes, and even today - you are just getting to your "age" size. And even saying that, you still wear some 9 month clothing.

We are pretty sure you are a genius - answering yes or no questions or understanding 90% of what we say and reacting to it. Every time you learn something new or show us something different - we are surprised at how fast it is going. I have a feeling there will always be surprises in store for us, with you.

As always, and this should go without saying at this point - you are loved. Loved hard. And loved most by your big sister.

Happy birthday, JBird, JJ, JossyB, Pest, PleaseStopScreamingForTheLoveI'mGettingYouYourFoodAsFastAsPossible.

Love you much. Love you always. 

Mommy, Daddy & your adoring big sister.

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