Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I used to love her name

My mom got the kid a CD. It has her name on it. Sure, it's spelled wrong - but that's our fault. Though the kick to the namesake is they spell it the two other ways you can spell her name. The pronunciation of her name remains. It says her name 50 times. 9 songs, her name interwoven within each song, what seems to be every 15 seconds. The kid loves it. In related news? I now hate her name.

The only thing I do like? Is her reaction.

"How do they know my name? HOW?"
"They say my name - they know me. But seriously, Mommy. HOW?"
"Can you believe they know my name? I just wanna know how."

Basically, 50 variations of the same question. 5 year olds, simple minds. Many questions.

It's mind numbing. But the kid, no seriously loves it, times 50.

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