Saturday, February 2, 2013

My mom doesn't like tapas.

This is a throw back to way back. I'm shocked I haven't told it yet. 

When L was in the hospital, my aunt came to visit while my mom was staying with us. The baby was in the hospital and was going to be there, for who knew how long. They stayed at our apartment, while the ball&chain and I camped out at the hospital. We had an awesome tapas place down the street from our apartment at the time. We suggested one night, they go. The conversation when a little like this:

Them: Where should we go for dinner?
Me: Oh, you should check out the tapas place on the corner. It's ridiculous. Get the corn.
Them: A tapas place?
Me: Yes! The ball&chain LOVES it! (I remember throwing that in, because no one trusts my recommendations, but he's a trusted source. I also remember telling the some subset of: we go there all the time.) Not only is local, but delicious. That's our go-to when people are visiting or someone is in the neighborhood and we meet for dinner. It's fun for groups, but we go just us - all the time.

Them: REALLY? 
Me: Yes, they have brunch too, but the dinner is ridiculous. The corn is amazing.
Them: Huh.

Fast forward, months later. 

My mom is visiting, everything is back to normal. We walked to a diner down the street for breakfast one random Sunday. Next door? The aforementioned tapas place. (Seriously. If you are in the South End of Boston, Toro. Go there.)

Me: Did you guys end up going there?
My mom: Where?
Me: There, that's the tapas place I told you about, with the corn.
My mom: NO! And honestly I was telling Uncle Ricky about it, we can't believe the ball&chain goes to the topless place.
Me: TOPLESS? I said TAPAS. Small plates. Spanish food?!
My mom: OOOOH that makes so much more sense.

Tapas - topless. Classic. And the amount of people my mom told we were frequent regulars at the local boobie bar? Even better.  Apparently, it wasn't so much that it was a strip club that she was most surprised about.  More so, that he went to a gentleman's club that serves food.

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