Tuesday, February 19, 2013

week 7

  • We were in NY for most of week 7. Great to see family. Great to be home, now. 
  • Traveling with babies (like ours) sucks. The only people who hate it more than me? The entire flight manifest of United flight 1053.
  • Valentine's Day 2013. Loved it. The kid loved it. I loved how much she loved it. There was a lot of love. 
  • Speaking of love, we had a date night. We went to Brite Winter Festival - where they say 'There might be snow, there might be rain, it might be cold, it might be a blizzard, but it doesn’t really matter. This is Cleveland, and we’re going to play outside.' You know what sucks? Playing outside in the snow, rain, cold and likely blizzard. 
  • The baby loves yogurt. Eat it. Slurp it. Wear it. 
  • The baby now loves washing off in the sink. 
  • The baby loves Nemo. Hard. And I love that she stays quiet for the duration of the movie loves it.

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