Wednesday, February 13, 2013

10 layers of magic - salad

This, my friends, is not a blog where you will find a ton of recipes. It should, however, be noted that from time to time I feel like I need to share awesomeness. And this, is way overdue. My mom (aka Nana Lu) makes this salad. It's not for those watching their waist line, unless you are watching it go out. That said, it is the best.thing.ever. I eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And as salads go, this one gets better with age. You'd think to yourself, self - but the lettuce will get wilted. The bacon won't crunch. And I'd say to you... whatever. It's the best. In our family, we fight over left overs and if someone goes to the fridge to dole out another serving I will hover over them to make sure they are only taking their share. And I don't say "fair share" because it's not fair I have to share it. Before we moved, my mom would make it for special occasions or parties. And honestly? It irritated me because then I'd really have to share it.

There are a ton of varieties on the world wide web, when you google "10 layer salad" - but none are like this. And even when I try to make it, I could never do it justice. I don't even try. It's really a summer recipe. It's really for BBQs and pot lucks. It's not for the every day. That said, since we live so far we get to have it any time we come to visit. It's worth it's weight (no seriously, it's heavy) and it's absolutely worth the cost of any flight ticket home.

It's super pretty in it's bowl, but honestly I didn't take a
picture because I needed to eat it. Immediately.

Here is how you (can try to) do it. If you really want to win, you'll put all of these ingredients in a clear glass bowl, cause it's pretty. With each layers you have to physically put your back into packing all the ingredients in, with the exception of #4, cause that would be messy. 
  1. Shredded ice berg lettuce 
  2. Carrots (personal preference julienned) 
  3. Frozen peas - don't defrost
  4. 25-30 oz of mayonnaise & 2-3 teaspoons of sugar (on top of mayo)

    Cover with tin foil, overnight and refrigerate.

  5. The next morning or a few hours, but I'd go with overnight, cause that's how she does it: 1 lb of bacon, crumbled
  6. A dozen hard boiled eggs, sliced
  7. Cucumbers, sliced
  8. Chick peas
  9. Olives, she keeps the whole. She once did it with low sodium olives. Don't do that. Seriously, if you are watching any intake (salt, fat, cholesterol) - don't bother with this salad. Don't ruin it with health in mind. Yes. I'm seriously still writing about this. I mean it, don't skimp on the calories, etc.
  10. Cherry tomatoes (if you cut them, you'll cut down on the number of left over days you have)
  11. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese
  12. Love, spread throughout 
Me: "It's 13 layers, if you separate the sugar & mayo, don't forget the love."
Nana Lu: "Well, I did at the chichi beans." (chickpeas)

When it comes to serving this salad, you kind of cut into it like a delicious cake. You want to get all the layers. Do not, however, mix it once you have space to do so. You want to keep everything in it's place until it's getting ready to get in your pie hole.

Now go get your delicious on. You won't regret it.

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